A magical construct of ice created by the Drinn. It is the last line of defense for...something.

Health: 2000
Attack power: 80
Accuracy: +50
Protection: 20
Evasion: -10
Speed: medium
Experience award: 2500
Immunities: assassination, cold

Special: Every time the Simulacrum moves or turns, it creates bursts of ice shards on either side.

Special: If the Simulacrum is damaged while the party is more than 2 squares away, it will retaliate by firing rocks of ice in all 4 directions with attack power proportional to the damage taken. Note that melee attacks can never trigger this retaliation.

Special: While fighting the Simulacrum, walking under a ceiling shaft will cause a chunk of ice to fall from it after a few seconds. Smaller shards of ice fall from the shaft first, warning you of the danger.

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