A magical being, bound to protect...something. It is unclear which Plane this being is native to, and it has yet to respond to our inquiries on the subject.

Health: 750
Ranged attack power: 20
Protection: 5
Evasion: 10
Speed: medium
Experience award: 1000
Immunities: Cold

Special: The Guardian of Night's ranged attack will blind its victims for 5 seconds. (Yes, I know you can circumvent it by pausing or bringing up the map. There are ways to cheese it no matter how it's implemented, so I decided to just let people do it if they want.)

Special: When the Guardian of Night takes damage or blinds an opponent, it will instantly teleport away, create spheres of blue particles on random tiles, and teleport back. After teleporting back, the spheres will detonate in sequence (attack power 20). The number of spheres and the speed at which they appear and detonate will increase as the Guardian loses health. The Guardian of Night cannot teleport while there are still extant spheres, making it vulnerable during the detonation sequence.

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