Legend of Grimrock 2 mods

Avenie's Awful Adventure - Coming soon! A journey through time, space, immortality, revolution, and lesbianism.

Artifacts of Might - Example dungeon for an asset pack.

Legend of Grimrock 2 modding resources (NOT PLAYABLE)

(direct download, 328.3 MB) Grimrock 1 Mega Pack, Alpha 1 - An alpha version of the Grimrock 1 mega pack, a conversion of all the good Grimrock 1 assets that aren't the Dungeon Master Resource. (The Dungeon Master Resource conversion is below.) I included conversions of some of the bad Grimrock 1 assets, too. This is an alpha version so expect bugs, and some of the monsters are unfinished!

(external link) Germanny's Dungeon Master Resource - A thorough conversion of a Grimrock 1 asset pack, extended to have elevation and water support. Also includes the source files for Artifacts of Might.

(external link) MinAssets - Collection of junk. Includes items, spells, and some decorations.

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